Railways in Africa: A balancing act (China Daily - Europe)

It is prudent to ensure that issues are clearly articulated by governments rather than subjecting projects to rumors.

Railways have been a significant means of transport in Africa since the colonial era... Read More

China a global leader in tackling graft (China Daily - Europe)

Nations that fail to meet basic anti-corruption goals must face the consequences of their actions.

China has been in the limelight from the time it was discovered that its economy had risen exponentially to the point of defeating the United States... Read More

We must explore more avenues to create jobs (China Daily - Africa)

African nations can learn from China on how to alleviate the serious unemployment problem.

Africa's challenge in creating new job opportunities is daunting, but not unique. China as an emerging market economy has managed to make sweeping gains in economic growth and in transforming its employment landscape... Read More

Lessons on development for Africa (China Daily - Africa)

Continent could draw from its history; both the positives and negatives, just as China did.

"Wade across the river by feeling the stones" was a common phrase used by the Chinese in meetings or social gatherings during my time in the country. I learnt it was a reminder of the journey they have taken toward realizing economic development... Read More

Focus on China's role in global economy (China Daily -US)

Editor's note: The World Economic Forum will be held in Davos, Switzerland, from Jan 17 to 20. The prospects for the Chinese economy and how it will intertwine with the global economy against the backdrop of increasing uncertainties will be among the topics to be discussed at the forum. We interviewed international experts to share their outlook on China in 2017.... Read More

Ethiopia: China's successful little brother (China Daily - Africa)

China has often expressed its appreciation and admiration for Ethiopia, just as an elder brother would for a younger brother who has become a success. This is so because Ethiopia has presented a lot of opportunities for China, which has openly stated that Ethiopia is its best bet because of its low-cost labor and stability... Read More

China on top in the scramble for Africa (China Daily - Africa)

International attention seems like manna from heaven, but China's approach has proved to be the preferred model. Africa has become the continent of choice for the international community. Asia has in recent times shown immense interest in the continent. China's deep investment and willingness to get involved with Africa has been a driving force in attracting investment from other countries... Read More